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Daniel Alexander Hosty

Born 10th March 2008

(weighing 8lbs)

Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0116
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0119
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0123
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0124
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0127
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0128
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0129
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0130
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0133
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0138
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0140
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0142
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0143
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0144
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0147
Daniel/Birth Day/Daniel and nanny Chris  2 16hrs
Daniel/Birth Day/Daniel and Gramps 16hrs 1
Daniel/Birth Day/Daniel and Gramps 16hrs 2
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0148
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0149
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0150
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0152
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0153
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0154
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0155
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0156
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0157
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0158
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0159
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0161
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0162
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0163
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0164
Daniel/Birth Day/DSCF0166
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