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From Hele bay, I went out on my own first and it was nice and calm, so went and picked Dan up. We paddled to Ilfracombe harbour via a beach. Dan loved it! He went on the back, then tried it in the front facing me, but preferred it on the back.

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 Paddled from pink lobster pot marker to marker, landed at a couple of beaches and then went back - all good

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 A tougher paddle out past the light house, and onto Rockham beach. A strong easterly wind was blowing which was great going out, but hard work coming back. I went west first as I knew the tide was coming in and thought that would help on the return, but the wind was stronger than the tidal flow up the Severn.

On the way back after the lighthouse I hugged very close to the shore to try to keep out of the wind and it was great fun, dodging between rocks sticking out of the sea - definately more than than just paddling along 100's of meters out. When you have to wait and just the swell to get through a gap its a thrill!

Also watched a yellow rescue helicopter pluck someone off the coast path a few hundred meters from Rockham beach.

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 It was such a nice evening after I got back from the previous paddle that I wanted to stay on the water, so Charlotte took the boys in the car to Ilfracombe and I paddled round. I knew it should take 2 hours max, even into the strong wind. I hugged the shoreline again which really is great fun, the swell looks huge from a distance but when you're on it you dont notice so much. I landed at a few beaches to practice but the surf wasnt big really. Getting around and into Ilfracombe harbour really was tough into choppy waves and a strong wind (felt like I wasnt moving forward at times). My shoulders were on fire when I finally got to the slipway, and the beginnings of blisters on my right hand.

At the 'tunnels' beach I chatted to a guy who was interested in getting a kayak, hence the pause there. 

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