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Glacier Point
Taft Point
Vernal Fall

USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 208 P9170006
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0748
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0749
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 074
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0760
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0762
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 083
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 084
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0765
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 085
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 088
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0770
USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 187 Monday 096
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9170014
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 102
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0776
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9170017
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0778
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 110
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 111
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0780
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 116
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0784
USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 188 Monday 119
USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 335 DSCN0785
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0788
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0790
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 232
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0851
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180032
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01580
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180034
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01581
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0858
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01583
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01585
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 235
USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 206 Monday 236
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0863
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 239
USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 192 Monday 2392
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0864
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180041
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 264
USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 195 Monday 265
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01592
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 274
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01595
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 275
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180042
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 277
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180045
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0867
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01598
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 280
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 281
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 282
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01599
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01600
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01601
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180049
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01603
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180051
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0871
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0872
USA/Yosemite Valley/Monday 287
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180056
USA/Yosemite Valley/Pano - 204 Monday 288
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0873
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180061
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 002
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 003
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 004
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSCN0874
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 005
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 007
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 010
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 014
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 015
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 016
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 019
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 020
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 021
USA/Yosemite Valley/P9180010
USA/Yosemite Valley/Tuesday 026
USA/Yosemite Valley/DSC01608
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