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January 2016
October 2015
September 2015
September 2016
With Rob 2002 2003

Friday 20th March 2020
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_150501
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_150756
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_150840
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_151016
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_151026
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_151045
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_151226
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_151310
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20200320_151338

Monday 30th December 2019
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20191230_140704
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20191230_140708
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20191230_142331
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20191230_143417
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_20191230_143422

Sunday 11th January 2015
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Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08850
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08851
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08853
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08855
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08856
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08857
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08858
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08860
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08863
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08864
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08865
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08869
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08871
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08872
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08873
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08874
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08876
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08877
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08879
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC08880

Tuesday 28th October 2014
  fileextension 20141028 Pen‑Y‑Fan with the boys.gpx download  graph  Play in google mapsview in Bing maps view on os maps 

Just Dad and the boys - we had a chocolate finger each every 10 drain bars, and when they ran out had jelly sweets - no complaints all the way to the top. It wasn't cold but we had a 4 layers on each at the top - the wind at the very top was very string, but we were sheltered from it for most of the way.

On the way down we were running bits at the bottom - good fun!

Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01689
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01690
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01692
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01693
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01694
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01696
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01697
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01698
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01699
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01700
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01702
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01705
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01708
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01709
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01711
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01712
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC01713

Saturday 23rd November 2013
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Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0664
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0669
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0670
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0671
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0673
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0674
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0675
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0676
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0677
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0678
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0679
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0680
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0682
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0683
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0684
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0689
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0691
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0693
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0694
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0695
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0697
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0699
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0700
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0704
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0709
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0710
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0714
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0719
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0727
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0734
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0736
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0739
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0744
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0747
Mountain Walking/Wales/IMG_0754

Friday 4th May 2012
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Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03489
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03491
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03493
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03496
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03497
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03498
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03501
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03502
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03504
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03505
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03506
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03507
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03508
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03510
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03512
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03514
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSC03518

Sunday 28th September 2008
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 Daniel's first mountain

Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1915
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1917
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1918
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1922
Mountain Walking/Wales/Pano - DSCF1924 - DSCF1926
Mountain Walking/Wales/Pano - DSCF1927 - DSCF1928
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1932
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1933
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1935
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1937
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1938
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1940
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1941
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1942
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1947
movie small
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1948
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1950
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1953
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1954
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1956
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1957
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1958
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1961
Mountain Walking/Wales/Pano - DSCF1966 - DSCF1968
Mountain Walking/Wales/DSCF1969
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