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With Craig, Dave, Gareth + others. Terrible weather, very windy, wet, not fun.

Not sure whats going on with the elevation profile...

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With Craig, Dave and Nick. I walked up most of the uphills - bad

Saturday 14th September 2013
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With Dave and Gareth. Perfect weather, pretty dry underfoot, fast time (even though I had a pretty bad cold). Superb descents down to the bridge, and then down back into the main valley.

Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC06982
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC06983
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC06984
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC06988
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC06989
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC06990

Sunday 7th October 2012
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With Dave. Perfect weather, great ride (bit soft under the tyres so not super quick, but the downs are great).

(Turned my gps off for a few miles accidentally half way round so the graphs are knackered)

Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04548
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04549
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04550
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04551
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04552
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04555
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04556
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04558
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04559
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04561
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04562
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04563
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04564
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04565
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04566
Mountain Biking/Wales/Pont-Scethin/DSC04567
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