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With Dave. A very wet and windy ride (not too cold though), but great fun as ever! (height data added via DEM as the GPS cocked up again!).

Note: this tracklog includes the final descent twice as we had some spare time so cycled back up

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 Covers just about all the track. Much better weather this year, cold but dry and not even too windy.

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A quick loop to finish the day - cracking final descent!

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Syfydrin trail followed by the Pendam trail. With Craig, Dave, Gareth and Glynn. Warm but overcast, and almost 100% dry trails - a very nice days mtb

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 With Craig - a good ride with some cracking sections of singletrack that remind you why you go riding! A dry but windy day, with some epic puddles from the recent rain

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With Craig and Dave. The woods near the car park are in the process of being felled, so we had to use a walking path for the 1st mile or so. It also means the final 'High as a Kite' singletrack section is no more!

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Good fast ride with Craig and Dave

video 20141220

Saturday 3rd June 2006
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