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With Craig, Dave and Nick. A cold wet ride, and the final descent was shut so had to ride back down the fire road, not the best

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The Ultimate Climachx? - it includes most of the singletrack from the original route, all the 'Harder' descents, and three further descents (the final one being right at the end of Tony the Tiger - VERY steep - unridable??). A good 20 miler, but perhaps not quite a full days ride - join it up with Cadair for a great day out? 

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An alternative to the official Climachx route which adds in a several new descents. We were trying to do the Climachx Harder route but got mixed up halfway round. I think at point 5 in the description (after Va-va-voom) we did tun off the climachx trail but did a 180 u-turn and missed the 'turn left immediately' part and we actually went down where we should have been coming up a few minutes later... we know for next time!

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A great night ride with Craig, Dave and Gareth - after doing the Pink Heifer at Coed Y Brenin earlier in the day

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Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/Cli-Machx Valley

Saturday 10th November 2012
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With Craig, Dave and Leon. Extremely wet ride, onlt rained perhaps not even half the time, but the amount of puddles, and most of them deep, meant our legs and feet were completely soaking. Cold too at 4-5C. Good fun though, great descents on the harder as usual, and great final descent, better the second time for some reason, really quite dark in the woods so needed the helmet torchs we had on.

The top half of the trail has been felled, completely open and bare of trees, but thankfully the trail hasnt suffered at all

(Height data added by Topofusion from DEM as the Edge 305 gps recorded some pretty poor data.)

Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC04946

Saturday 19th February 2011
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We did this after doing the Climachx Harder route in the morning. Note that the first singletrack on the route was closed and we got diverted up a fireroad, so this isnt the full Climachx route.

  fileextension 20110219 Cli‑machx Harder.gpx download  graph  Play in google mapsview in Bing maps view on os maps 

We got the route right this time, and the two extra descents (we missed last time we tried the 'harder' route due to tricky navigation) were brilliant!

Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00061
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00062
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00063
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Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00068
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00071
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00072
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00073
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00074
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00075

Tuesday 29th August 2006
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(The elevation spike at 2 miles is due to bad GPS data...)
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC08555
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/Pano1
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC08566
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC08567
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC08568
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC08570
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC08577
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC00112

Sunday 26th February 2006
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This track contains the road trip in from the car park at the centre of Machynlleth
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06177
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06181
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06184
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06185
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06187
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06189
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06192
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06193
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06196
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06197
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06198
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06199
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06201
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06202
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06204
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06206
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06208
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06210
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06213
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06215
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06216
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06224
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06225
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06226
Mountain Biking/Wales/Machynlleth/Cli-machx/DSC06227
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