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7th April 2013

5km run, 20km ride, 5km run

(typical 'sprint' distance)

Looks like the ride was only approx 18.5km, not 20 as it should be...

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Official results

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Up at 5:30, usual brekky of yogurt, grapes and porride, and in the car by 6. Had a banana about 8, and had the odd bite of fruit cake along the way with some sips of vimto. 0C all the way in the car, got there about 8:15 and it was 1 degree. Very little wind, almost totally calm. Race start was 9:30, so plenty of time.

Wore HH normal leggings, tri suit, and LG windproof cycling jacket; thin black gloves, no skull cap. Racked the bike and set up cycle shoes, helmet and 2 gels. 

Had a gel about 15 mins before the run started. Positioned myself a few lines bike from the start, perhaps 20-30 people in front of me. The run started OK, I ran at a quick but comfortable pace, could have run a bit quicker - Ste shot off near the front and I couldnt have kept up with him. Into T1 and quickly found the bike, easily got shoes off (elastic laces!) but faffed slightly putting cycle shoes on, the heel cup area creased over so I had to slightly move the shoe off and on again to set it right, maybe 5 seconds lost? Helmet on, 1 gel into back pocket, unracked bike and walked over to the start, quicklly realising I should be running, not walking!. Mounted the bike fine and managed to get clipped in perfectly. Shot off like a rocket for the first mile, overtaking several people. Into the first corner all was good and I just cycled along, quite hard but again, could have gone a little faster. I could feel my hr dropping off from the run. 

At the start of the second lap I got a gel out and took gulps of that for about a mile before putting the empty wrapper back into back pocket. Then I realised my finger 'dibber' was missing! I knew I'd dibbed out of T1 OK, so I must have lost it on the bike, presumably either getting the gel out, putting the wrapper away, or perhaps at the very start when dibbing? I spent the rest of the ride scanning the road hoping to set it but never did.

Coming round the far end of the 2nd lap I spotted Ste, who was going quite slow and sitting upright, looking back every now and then. I caught him and slowed down to see what was wrong - he had a puncture in front tyre... Nothing we could do so after a few seconds I sped off.

 I maintained a quick pace all the way round the bike, but with being annoyed about losing the dib (there'd be no accurate timings now) and scanning the ground looking for it I reckon I lost a little time. Could have ridden harder! I drank from my water bottle several times, but had a little left when I finished.

Came into T2, got unclipped and off the bike fine and someone was waiting for my finger dibber. I blurted out that I'd lost it and he said "number 97" - you beauty! Somehoe it had been found and I'd gone to the person with it. He quickly got it back onto my finger, dibbed me into T2 and I rolled the bike back to the rack (could have moved quicker with the bike there too). Bike racked, helmet off, cycle shoes came off easily, running shoes went on fine; picked up final gel bar. I then hesitated, not sure where to run out of transitition (at Mumbles we'd been told that everyone had to run a certain way, to ensure no advanatge based on where bike was. Thinking about it there would have been no advantage here either, it just wasn't obvious where to run out (to me anyway)). Asked someone racking their bike and they pointed over so I ran over and got into the run, easily lost several seconds dithering!

Into run 2 and was pretty knackered by now. First mile felt slow but wasnt really too bad. I took nearly a  mile to eat my last gel, taking gulps as breathing allowed. Ste had finished by now (only cycled 2 of 4 laps) and took some photos and told me to run harder or something, so I did. I really tried to pick it up a bit, and the mile times show I was quicker each mile. Not sure I would have continued at that pace in a 10k, but am very happy with 21:02 for the 2nd 5k (plan was always sub 20 first 5k and hope for the best on the second. Plan now is sub 20 both ends).

All in all very happy - 1:15 time, didnt nearly die from exhaustion and I know I could have gone faster, and improved on transitions. 1:13 should be possible, if not faster...

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