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Back to Castle Combe - the circuit is perfect for duathlons. Traffic free, smooth tarmac, and I've never seen anyone with a puncture. After doing the Chilly (2,10,2) I signed up for this much longer olympic distance event. Ste and Scott signed up too. It was always going to be Ste's race...

The weather forecast for days before the event had been as bad as it could be - heavy rain and 20+ mph winds. On the actual day it was windy, but no rain, and the track dried out during the event, so not bad really. I wore tri suit, but worried about possible rain coupled with strong wind I decided to wear my new dhb cycle top too. Also wore sealskin thin socks for the whole race (they were fine). To be honest I was a bit warm on the first run, especially when running with the wind, but was OK on the bike and second run.

Start was 10:30 so very relaxed brekky and drive over there. Took 2 ibuprofen before the race (bad leg) and a gel about 20 mins before the start.

I hoped to run 44min for the first run, wasnt sure about the bike, and 22min for the second run.

Run 1 - 10km

Having had a wierd right leg my running over the last month has been very little, so I knew this was going to be a tough 10k. I set off too quickly and was soon breathing heavily. After 3 miles I was knackered and started to slow down. I just haven't run enough recently. It was tough running into the wind near the end of each lap.

Good though was that my legs were fine, no pain or wierdness, just no oomph. I was very glad when I was nearly finished.


Rubbish as usual, 16 seconds slower than Ste. I sit down to get my shoes on - think I need some new shoes. I wore my gloves for the run so only had to put glasses, helmet and shoes on. Too slow!

Bike - 39km

Set off at a cracking pace, I had it my head that I might catch Ste on the bike (it turned out I was on average just 2 seconds a lap quicker than him, no chance of catching him). The wind was behind on the first part of the lap, but then rounded a corner straight into it. Speed went down from 27mph to 14. It was tough. Somehow others were flying past even into the windy section, but I just struggled on.

I had a gel in the first lap, and a second at maybe lap 9. The water between the tri bars was great and I drank the lot. Looking at my results I appear to have given up at lap 11... my hr drops a lot and doesnt regain itself. I was working hard, but I started worrying about how many laps I had done - what is 39km in miles...? Cycking into the wind I got the odd cramp twinge but nothing bad.

I was overtaking quite a few people, but others were overtaking me. I had no idea where I was position wise, and I never saw Ste or Scott.


Better, not fast but not slow, can't see how it could be much quicker

Run 2 - 5km

Hard! I set off runnning with wobbly legs from the bike, and was surprised to be sub 7min/mile, but that was the first 0.5 miles with the wind. As I ran into the wind I slowed. My legs were knackered, my breathing hard. Ste passed my on his way back before I got to the turn around, he must be a mile ahead I thought (he finished 6 mins ahead, so was just under a mile ahead when I saw him).

My running got slower and slower, I was finished. I'd seen a lady close behind shorlty atfer the turn around, and suspected she was the first female. Over the next mile she slowly caught me, and with less than half a mile to go she overtook. I briefly tried to keep up with her but was out. She was the first lady, and finished about 10 seconds in front of me (thats 4 in a row).

Overall I'm dissapointed with my speed in the runs, especially the second one, but I put it down to lack of running recently.

On the positive my right leg seemed fine during and after the run, so hopefully I can get back to some proper run training.

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