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First duathlon of 2014. Run started at midday so got up around 8, usual brekky, then a nakd bar about 9:30 before being picked up by James (Cardiff Tri) just before 10. Got there no probs, picked up race pack, racked bikes (first time I've had a numbered rack) and got ready. The weather was shilly (as per the name!) with a string wind blowing from the south and occasional drizzle being blown in too. I had my tri suit on and decided to wear Aldi leg warmers, and a black (yellow stiching) Aldi close fitting cycling top. Did a gentle warm up run of about 1km and felt warm, but was sure I would feel too cold if it did rain more with the very strong wind so kept the black top on. I'd left gloves with my bike shoes (but decided not to use them in the end and was fine on the bike). Was comfortable all the way round, not hot and not cold, spot on.

Run 1 - 2 miles

Positioned myself several rows back from the front and set off. Probably a little fast initially but soon settled into a good pace. It was into the wind for the second quarter and could feel myself slowing (hoped for sub 13 mins for the 2 miles, so 6:30 min/mile) but my pace was good. I was breathing quite hard, but into the 2nd mile the wind slowly began to push, until it was right behind. I was tired by now (need to practise more sprinting!) but the tail wind helped and I got into t1 quite happy with my pace. However, there were a lot of people ahead of me. I reckoned 50 easily, tons of them, some miles ahead already.


Terrible. I had to sit down to get my shoes on. My cycle shoes velcro was all closed and the straps pulled through, so I had to undo them, totally my fault for not setting them properly. I put my glasses and helmet on, left the gloves as I felt fine, and ran to the mount line.

Bike - 9.5 miles ish (5 laps)

Wasted 10 seconds or more getting my first (right) foot clipped in, just couldn't do it, even while stationary. My hr was high from the run still. Finally clipped in and was off. Felt good, but rounded the first corner into a hell of a head wind. Speed dropped to 15 mph. Slowly went through the chicane and got some shelter, and finally rounded a corner and the wind was behind. Hit 32 mph on the last corner and home straght. Second lap was the same but started to feel it in my legs. I pedalled 100% of the 9.5 miles. Tried using the tri bars but the wiond was so string from the side at the first corner that it felt too sketchy. The circuit is nice and wide so plenty of room, but people were wandering all over being blown by the wind. 3rd lap and into the wind was beginning to get tough. 4th lap my legs were burning and the 5th lap had to really try hard. Managed to get some water on the home straight on each lap but hadn't had a gel before the rac (forgot) ad none so far. Last lap I slowed too much too soon for the hairpin back into T2. I'd been following a tandem pair (blind cyclist on the back) of ladies and they just dismounted before me.


Better than T1 but still not great, didnt really do anything wrong, just not very fluid.

Run 2 - 2 miles

The tandem pair were 10 yards ahead, but I was knackered. I got a gel and quickly drank it. My hr on the bike was the highest its ever been. I ran hard, but was barely making 7:00minmile. One person over took me and I overtook 1 person, but the 2 girls very slowly got away from me. 1 mile to go I tried to surge but didnt have anything, until I felt the win behind me, which felt great. I wasnt losing distance on the pair ahead, but wasnt gaining either. Then I became aware of people catching me, and in the home straight James (whi finished 5 mins ahead of me in 14th) shouted encouragement and to not lose my position, so I gave it everything and felt ok really as I sprinted to the finish line, no one got past me.

I was knackered after the run and took 10 mins to get my breath back. My hr for the first run was equal to my highest yet for a race, while the bike was my highest ever by 2pbm, and the second run highest ever by 5 bpm. This shows I was really giving it all knowing it was a short course, but in the end I was 60th out of 217, 29%, my second worst yet. Only 3 women beat me, and 2 of them were on a tadem (though one was blind!) so I wasn't miles off my usual I think, it was just that there were some very fast people there. Perhaps because its very early in the 'season' and safe, no cars etc so maybe all the goodones come out? James did tri for GBR age group last year in Turkey and London, and he only came 14th, 5 mins ahead of me. Not Eton Half Iron!

18 Feb 2018

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