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Wedding/C - The ushers
Wedding/D - At Church porch
Wedding/E - Down the aisle
Wedding/F - Wedding ceremony
Wedding/G - Offertory
Wedding/H - Signing register1
Wedding/I - Signing register2
Wedding/J - Final hymn
Wedding/K - The Mass is over
Wedding/L - Bride and groom
Wedding/M - It rained all day!
Wedding/N - On the way to Reception
Wedding/O - Half the guests
Wedding/P - and the other half
Wedding/Q - Family group
Wedding/R - Family group
Wedding/S - Best Man speech
Wedding/T - The Dancers
Wedding/U - Extended family group
Wedding/V - The boys and girlfriends
Wedding/W - Family group
Wedding/X - The Singer
Wedding/Y - Her adoring fans
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