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Sunday 19th May 2013
  fileextension 20130519 Caswell Bay.gpx download  graph  Play in google maps play in google earth view in Bing maps view on os maps   
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0114
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0116
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0118
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0119
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0120
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0123
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0124
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0125
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0126
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0133
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0134
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0135
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0140
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0141
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0142
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0145
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0146
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0147
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0148
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC06798
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0151
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0152
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0153
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0155
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0157
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0159
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0162
Wales/Caswell Bay/IMG_0164

Thursday 27th May 2010
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000601
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000602

Friday 21st May 2010
  fileextension 20100521 Caswell Bay.gpx download  graph  Play in google maps play in google earth view in Bing maps view on os maps 

I accidentally deleted the actual gps log, but this is close enough. Took just over an hour, nice and easy pace.

Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000531
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000533
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000537
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000540_2
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000543
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000548
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000550
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000554
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000556_1
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00231
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000558_1
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000564
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000568
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000569_1
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000570
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00235
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00239
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00243
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00247
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00252_2
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00254
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00256
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000571
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000574
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00261
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00264
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00268
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00276
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00278
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00288
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00290
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00295
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00298
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00299
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00301
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00307
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00311
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00316
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00317
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00318
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00325
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00346
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00347
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00349
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00351
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00356
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00372
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00373
Wales/Caswell Bay/DSC00375
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000575_2
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000580
Wales/Caswell Bay/P1000581
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