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Liberty Ship Jeremiah OBrien
Submarine USS Pampanito
The Golden Gate Bridge

USA/San Francisco/DSCN0524
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0525
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 101
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 103
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0532
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0534
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 104
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0538
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 106
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0539
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0543
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 107
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 109
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 110
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 113
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 114
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 118
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0553
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 129
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 132
USA/San Francisco/Saturday 137
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0561
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0564
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0566
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0569
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0576
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0577
USA/San Francisco/Sunday 003
USA/San Francisco/Sunday 005
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0583
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0584
USA/San Francisco/P9160003
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0590
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0593
USA/San Francisco/P9160010
USA/San Francisco/Sunday 010
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0594
USA/San Francisco/P9160013
USA/San Francisco/P9160014
USA/San Francisco/Sunday 011
USA/San Francisco/P9160015
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0595
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0597
USA/San Francisco/Sunday 013
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0602
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0616
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0620
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0626
USA/San Francisco/Sunday 118
USA/San Francisco/P9160023
USA/San Francisco/P9160024
USA/San Francisco/P9160025
USA/San Francisco/P9160026
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0632
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0633
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0635
USA/San Francisco/DSCN0637
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