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On commuter hard tail

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First ride on Felt F95. 3C, persistent drizzle. Wore sealskin socks, padded undershorts, HH freeze leggings, and black Fox padded shorts (no sore bits, probably overdid the padding, undershorts not needed?), HH freeze top and yellow commuter waterproof jacket. Altura yellow waterproof gloves, and sealskins windproof cap under helmet. Was hot going up the mountain, but otherwise was only just warm enough really. Feet we cold after a few miles, even got pins and needles a little, the socks probably too thick for tight shoes.

Didn't ride very hard, just plodded along really. Had to stand out of the saddle for the two tops of Caerphilly mountain, and in one or two other places. Lower gearing would have made it easier but it was manageable as it was. Scary going down the mountain, wet roads, dark, didnt let rip.

New bike felt fine. Not too hard over the bumps, no sore bits. Coming down the mountain braking on the drops got quite tiring, but mostly rode the 'hoods' or dops and was OK, just a new position for me so will take some getting used too. Think my seat may need to be higher. Gears all fine.

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